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Use every little bit of data we collect to
make the best decisions for your websites.
Monitor the Important Stuff

We get the necessary insights on what’s happening on your servers and services, including metrics like Load, RAM ,IO and external checks like URL uptime, RBL check and many more.

Alerting Integrations

No matter if you use Slack, Telegram, Whatsapp, SMS or even plain webhooks we have the necessary integrations for you to be alerted immediately on every service you need.

Intuitive Dashboard

Gain clear visibility and insights into the health of your servers and services with the things you need to know. Our dashboard is designed with functionality and readibility in mind, so you don’t miss a thing.

Security in Mind

All the communications to our API and from the collecting agent are using encryption of the highest standard because you know, bad guys.

Simple and Effective Interface

We narrowed down the user interface to include only the essentials and be easy to use, without sacrificing any functionality. This allowed us (and hopefully you) to focus.

Quick Setup

One simple command is required to install the Python Agent on most of the major Linux distributions. It"s open and available at Github for everyone to review.

Public API

Our API allows you to query almost every data of your servers in our database. Use those data to create custom status pages for your customers or to feed third party dashboard applications.

Smart Alerts

Resolve issues faster and with less noise. The minute your servers stop sending data or use more resources than the threshold you set, we will send you an in-depth notification so you can resolve issues as fast as possible.

Extensive Insight and Metrics

Our system will periodically store various system data like memory usage, average load or IO usage. Those metrics are available in high resolution for 3 days and cached up to one year.

You don’t have to take our word for it.
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